Monday, 23 June 2014

Voucher Classes in Tally ERP.9

                                                            Voucher Classes in Tally ERP.9

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voucher classes is a novel way of automationg accounting allocations during transactions. during transactions . voucher class allows automation of entries to predefined ledger accounts and automatic rounding off to preset value limits.

This feature is especially usefulin sales invoice where the nominal ledger account to be credited for each item of sale , is predefined . During vouchers entry , the accounting credits for items sold are automatically posted Assitional accounting entries like tax, freight and other charges can also be predefined for prefill durig invoicing . in Tally ERP  , voucher classes can be created for the following voucher types .

  • Contra
  • Payment
  • Receipt
  • Journal
  • Sales
  • Credit nots
  • purchases
  • Debits note 
  • sales order 
  • purchases order 
  • delivery note 

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